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🎅🎁 EARLY CHRISTMAS SALE - Leaking Treats Ball Pet Feeder Toy


Do Your Pets get bored easily? Now take your lovely fluffy one to another level of fun


  • 【Interactive Educational Toy】 - This toy is designed for small dogs and cats. Use food as a motivation to guide your furry friends to use their intelligence and hunting skills, staying true to their nature, and when they succeed, they are rewarded.

  • 【Keep a healthy diet】 - if a pet eats too fast, it can cause indigestion, obesity, and other problems. Fill the balls with your pet's favorite food or freeze-dried treats, and the hard work on food will slow down eating speed, promote healthy eating, and enjoy the fun.


  • 【Easy to clean and install: 】- Removable ergonomic design, simple structure, each part can be cleaned after disassembly, easy to disassemble, and easy to assemble. The bottom with suction cups is firmly adsorbed on the ground so will not easily move.
  • 【Material:】 PP+ Steel wire+ Plastic ball


Q: What kind of pets is this feeder suitable for?
A: Suitable for most small pets, such as cats and dogs, otters, small raccoons, etc.

Q: How does this feeder work?
A: First, put your pet's favorite food into the feeder where they can see it. Then you can gently fiddle with it a few times and your pet will learn naturally.

🎁It's a perfect gift for your friends&familly!

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