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Fly Bag Trap™ - 100% Non Toxic - Reusable 🇺🇸 (Early 4th of July Sale)

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🔥Disposable fly trap for outdoor fly control🔥

All you want for your farm in one product!

Concentrates pesky flies and repurposes them.

Helps control house flies, false stable flies, blow flies, blue and green bottle flies, flesh flies, face flies and many others.


It is an efficient, environmentally friendly and safe, easy to operate, High rate of fly traps.

Fly Trap Bag Non-Toxic Catcher

This fly trap bag does not make use of chemicals and pesticides to kill insects. Instead, it is a bag that lures in houseflies and traps them inside.


Widely Used

This fly trap is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. You can position this flycatcher anywhere in your home. It is hygienic and safe for the environment and also to you. Ideally, you use it outdoor or in your kitchen where most houseflies are. After using, you can easily dispose of the bag of flies in the trash bin.

In places where flies are concentrated:Thousands of flies can be caught a day, which makes fly catching more efficient.、



Pesticides and chemicals always have negative effects to use and to the environment. So, if you have an option to choose between a chemical and natural one, always choose the latter. This flycatcher does not have negative effects

How to Use

The first thing you do is fill the bag with just enough amount of water. After that, tie the top part of the catcher and hang it outdoors and in a well-lit area where there are more flies nearby. As the fly enters the hole, it sinks to the bottom of the water and drowns. It is a useful trap for picnics, campings, barbecue parties, and other outdoor events.


Dimensions: 8.0 centimeters (H) x 39.0 centimeters (W) x 29.0 centimeters (L)

Weight: 0.34 pounds

Package includes: 2/4 x Flycatcher bag

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