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✅ Portable Electric Juicer Blender

The best solution for anyone looking to make healthy and delicious smoothies or juices on the go.  🔥 


Portable & Wireless

Bring it along anywhere with you and make smoothies on the go. One full charge lasts for 15+ blends! The bottle fills up to 350ML - a perfect size to get you energized throughout the day.

Never go hungry again

Bring your bottle blender along with you throughout your day in case you ever need a quick nutritious break. Skip time searching for lunch places to eat - simply load your blender in the morning and go. Always made fresh.

Blend Any Ingredients

Fresh fruits, frozen berries, nuts, powders - the blender will turn anything edible into a perfect smoothie for you. Six strong stainless steel blades and a powerful built-in motor capable of crushing anything.





The Portable Blender is compact and fits in most bags. Go on a road trip or conquer local mountains - the bottle blender will be by your side. Replace gas station snacks and bloating with fresh refreshing snacks made of natural and nutritious ingredients.

Step 1

Twist counter-clockwise to remove the bottom of your blender.


Step 2

Add your favorite ingredients to the bottle, making sure not to fill it more than 3/4 full to prevent overflow.

 Step 3

Firmly attach the bottom of the blender making sure it is snug and then double press the power button.


✅ Working:  It's easy to carry and doesn't take up much space on a desk or office kitchen, so you don't have to worry about taking up too much space or having to carry a larger blender from home 

What's included in the box?

The Fresh Juice Bottle Blender comes in a box with:

● Portable Blender Bottle

● Portable USB Charging Station

● Bottom Lid

● User Guide


Battery capacity: 1300mah
Product capacity: 380ml
Product Size:95mm * 95mm * 250mm
Input: DC5V-1A
Power: 40w


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