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Portable Electric Heater

How to keep warm this winter while saving money?

Nobody likes to get out of the shower on a cold winter morning.

Who wants to feel the cold of winter while working or trying to relax?

Scientists predict that this winter will be much colder than usual and could last longer than normal. Traditional heating methods are obsolete. They are inefficient, heat slowly, and cost more and more each year.

We have the solution for you and for everyone who fears rising energy costs! With the highly efficient portable energy saving heater, it will not only help you save energy but will also heat your living space and save you money!

Thanks to its built-in ceramic heat plates, it holds 30 percent more heat! This means that you can increase the room temperature by 37% in just a few minutes and save money compared to other traditional heat sources.

The timer will allow you to program when you want your room to be warm so that those cold winter mornings become a refreshing and warm start to your day!


It is very simple to configure:

1. You must put it on a flat surface.

2. connect it

3. Set it to the temperature you want

4. You'll be amazed at how fast this small but mighty heating source can do. Heat up to 500 square feet of space in a room, car, RV, garage, etc.


Set the option to "not too hot and not too cold" and select the level of heating you prefer.

Built-in Timer: Set the timer to turn off immediately. Great for right before bed

Built-in Emergency Power Off Switch: In case it accidentally flips over for any reason, it will turn off immediately.

Portable - exterior never gets hot, and you can move it around without fear

Control air quality - Built-in antimicrobial filter removes dust and prevents mold growth. Ideal for pets and people with allergies.

Heats any space FAST and efficiently. Enjoy High-Heat mode as emits 2.7m/s of hot air in just 60 seconds.
Easy to set up and operate; you can get it up and running in less than a minute.

Light, small and portable. It has a special carrying handle

Extremely quiet: it does not disturb sleep or affect concentration

Very safe: unlike other heat sources, our Portable Electric Heater has no exposed elements that can cause burns


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